Strictly Come Dancing Final in 3D

Saturday night's Strictly Come Dancing Final from The Tower Ballroom in Blackpool will be broadcast in 3D for the first time ever.

You will need a 3D television and access to the BBC HD channel to be able to watch the final in 3D and you will find this on Freeview 54, Virgin 187, Freesat 109 and Sky 169. If you have a 3D television all you have to do is put on your 3D glasses, tune in and watch the magic.

If you do not have a 3D set you will still be able to watch Strictly Come Dancing in High Definition via the usual BBC One HD channel and you will find this on Freeview 50, Freesat or Virgin 108, and Sky 143. 

And if you are watching in standard definition (come are really missing out!) then the ordinary version of Strictly Come Dancing will be broadcast on BBC One, Freeview 1, Sky 101, Virgin 101, Freesat 101 or on analogue if you haven't switched to digital yet.

If you have a digital TV recorder like Sky+, Freesat+ or Freeview+HD, you will also be able to record the show on the BBC HD channel and watch the 3D broadcast later.

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