Moss of Bath now the South West agents for Amina Speakers

Amina Speakers at Moss of Bath

The Amina range of totally invisible loudspeakers add a new dimension to home entertainment systems with unparalleled sound quality, evenly distributed throughout
and…are totally invisible.

The Amina in-wall speakers are based on diffuse source vibrating soundboard technology!

They produce sound energy in a highly diffused manner, mimicking the way a traditional acoustic instrument works, where the strings create vibrations in the instrument body. Tiny vibrations are produced on their surface which in turn vibrates air molecules within the room. This means that the surround sound sweeps through large areas, filling them with ambient audio, regardless of the room size, shape, or listening position.

The speakers are very good for acoustically hard areas as negative effects such as echoing and patchy sound are much reduced. Another advantage is that the in-wall/ceiling speakers are protected from the room?s environment by a thin layer of plaster making them the perfect choice for areas with a high moisture content such as kitchens, bathrooms and even swimming pool rooms.

The Amina range of totally invisible loudspeakers can be fitted into walls or ceilings in either residential or commercial buildings. They are an ideal solution in  listed/heritage buildings with planning and/or conservation restrictions as they can be hidden anonymously with minimal impact.

Amina Speakers at Moss of Bath

The speakers are embedded in walls or ceilings before being finished with a final skim of plaster and decorated as normal leaving the walls or ceilings looking speaker free and giving a totally invisible audio solution.

Moss of Bath are now the South West approved agents for Amina speakers.