Important Re-tune event: 19th September 2012

DTT Multiplex Operators Ltd (DMOL) has recently published the findings of its review of Freeview channel numbering and plans to update the on screen programme guide.

The reorganisation is designed to create extra capacity for new services and to make the guide easier to navigate.

These changes will take place on 19th September 2012.

The September update includes:

  • Provision for up to 100 general entertainment channels
  • Reserved channel numbers for new public service local TV channels
  • Twenty spaces for HD services, which will start at 101
  • A dedicated section for the development of internet delivered services
  • An information page at channel 100 for viewers with Freeview HD

To benefit from the update, viewers will need to re-tune their Freeview TVs and digital boxes where equipment does not pick up the changes automatically.

On screen messages will prompt viewers to re-tune on or after 19th September 2012.

Guidelines for 'How to re-tune your TV' can be found on the website news (16/03/2012).

Staff at Moss of Bath are available in-store to instruct customers who have purchased their digital product from us, how to complete the process.

Alternatively, if you would like an engineer from Moss of Bath to help you with the re-tune at home, please call us on 01225 331441 to book an appointment. A standard call out charge will apply.