Technics SC-C70 OTTAVA forte Premium High Resolution Hi-Fi System

Technics’ extraordinary and supreme sounding SC-C70 OTTAVA forte premium high resolution Hi-Fi system is finely calibrated to fill your home with sublime sound that embraces every acoustic contour of your tracks. Experience intense bass, richly detailed mids and delicate trebles. It boasts a myriad of wired and wireless connections, as well as internet radio and CD player, so your full library can get the SC-C70 treatment. The Ottava forte’s JENO Engines and Emotive Acoustic Technology boom audio so crisply potent you’ll hardly believe it’s coming out of such a small and sleek body.

Get a FREE 90 day trial of TIDAL streaming service (redeemable via the app) when you purchase the Technics OTTAVA at Moss of Bath. Offer ends 31 January 2018.

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