NEW! Sony Bravia 65ZD9 LED Premium HDR 4K Ultra HD/3D Android TV

Discover a view unlike any other. This Sony 4K HDR TV will take your breath away with contrast, colours, textures and detail never before possible on our screen.

Take TV tech to ethereal heights with Sony’s stunning ZD9. Introducing the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme, this powerful blend of pop-out colour, noise-free 4K and OLED-like contrast will stupefy your senses. This 14-bit panel features Sony’s state-of-the-art Android Smart platform too, so you’ll get seamless access to anything from Netflix to Playstation Now. Finished with a slick Black Slate design, this 3D set will take pride-of-place in your living room and beam scene-after-scene of sublime beauty.

Also available in 75″