Moss of Bath named Bath’s Best Retailer at the Bath Business Awards 2013

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Over 400 people attended the Bath Business Awards evening held at the Bath Racecourse on Thursday 26th September 2013.

Hosted by former Blue Peter presenter Valerie Singleton, the awards, which are now in their third year, celebrate the very best of Bath and it's businesses.

The Bath Business Awards offer businesses in and around the city, from retailers to accountancy firms and start-ups to multi-million pound companies the opportunity to celebrate their achievements.

Tim Moss, owner of Moss of Bath said: "We are delighted and proud to have won the Bath Chronicle Business Award for Bath's Best Retailer 2013. Each year the competition gets stronger and so it's a real honour for Moss of Bath and all the dedicated team of staff.

Moss of Bath always strive to deliver excellent customer service and product knowledge to our clients and to exceed their expectations. We have traded in Bath for 51 years and I strongly believe that there is a place for the specialist Independent retailer on our high street."