Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones to use with new iPhone7

By now you’ve probably heard that Apple’s brand new Smartphone, the iPhone7, does not have a standard 3.5mm analog audio jack.

Obviously the lovely people at Apple would like you to buy their wireless ‘Air Pod’ headphones which will cost around £160.

You will be able to use other ‘wired’ headphones but may require a specific ‘lightning’ 3.5mm adaptor.

However, we suggest that, should you be considering an upgrade to cable free Bluetooth headphones that

a/ Will not be easily lost

b/ Are visible enough to signal to others around you that you are listening to music

and…most importantly…

c/ Will deliver exceptional sound

then take a look at these superb options available in store at Moss of Bath.


If you do decide to purchase the Apple ‘Air Pods’ you may need to customise them like this: