BBC’s Summer of 3D to include Last Night of the Proms.



Planet Dinosaur 3D, scheduled to broadcast in August 2012 and adapted from the award winning BBC One series, will recreate the lost world of the dinosaurs in a ground-breaking stereoscopic production. Planet Dinosaur 3D will take viewers on a thrilling journey into a lost world: from the iconic Spinosaurus, the largest predator ever to walk the Earth, to Microraptor and the advent of flying dinosaurs in China, this programme charts the rise and fall of the ‘ultimate killers’.

One of the most ambitious animated programmes ever attempted for broadcast TV in 3D, viewers will experience the work of a specialist team of stereographers who have hand-crafted individual frames and sequences to ensure that the 3D experience has maximum impact, while leaving the audience fully engaged in the factual story.

Later this summer, on 8 September 2012, the BBC will also broadcast the Last Night of the Proms – the traditional finale to two months of the finest music-making at the Royal Albert Hall – in 3D for the first time. Eight specialist cameras will give audiences at home the best seats in the house and provide an immersive experience. With key camera positions in front of the conductor, and a remote camera within the orchestra that rotates to 180 degrees and can pan and tilt, audiences will feel that they are actually in the orchestra, with a 3D view of every individual instrument.

Selected live coverage of the Olympics in 3D will also be brought to homes across the UK, including the opening and closing ceremonies, the Men’s 100m final, and a highlights package at the end of day.

The free-to-air broadcast of these events in 3D will be available to anyone who has access to a 3D television and to the BBC HD Channel, regardless of which digital TV provider they use.  Visit Moss of Bath for a demonstration of 3D television in-store.