sennheiser HD630VB

Sennheiser Orpheus HD630 VB Over Ear Headphones


Sennheiser ORPHEUS HD630 VB Over Ear Headphones.



On the go or at home, Sennheiser’s new HD 630VB delivers amazing performance and a host of features not normally found on audiophile headphones. The cutting-edge transducers provide clear, powerful sound reproduction, allowing you to hear the subtle nuances of your favorite music recordings. You’ll experience audio with a level of realism that is nothing short of astounding. In fact, with a frequency response of 10 to 42,000 Hz allowing you to listen to high resolution files, the HD 630VB may very well redefine audiophile listening for years to come.

The Sennheiser HD630 VB (variable bass) also gives you perfect bass control.