Geneva Model Cinema Wireless


Geneva Model Cinema Wireless, Bluetooth, Virtual Surround.

What HI-FI? award winning product.



Geneva Model Cinema Wireless


The Geneva Model Cinema is a lifestyle sound system with luxurious user features. To the sound-base form factor, Model Cinema adds Bluetooth functionality for the easy playback of music files from smartphones and tablets. Auto input selection and power on/off promote effortless operation while proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) offers the seamless optimisation of TV/Movie sound, or Music from a choice of three inputs (analog RCA, digital optical and coax), supported by dbx-tv®ʼs ʻTotalVolume™ʼ algorithm, which automatically equalises volume when changing channels and during commercial breaks.

The Model Cinema is a What HI-FI? award winning product.

Available in Matte White/Black.