FREE 90 day trial of TIDAL with Technics SC-C70 OTTAVA Hi-Fi System

Technics SC-C70 OTTAVA Forte Premium High Resolution Hi-Fi System With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & AirPlay.

FREE 90 day trial of TIDAL streaming service (redeemable via the app)
Offer ends 31 January 2018
Technics’ extraordinary and supreme sounding micro Ottava Hi-Fi system is finely calibrated to fill your home with sublime sound that embraces every acoustic contour of your tracks. Experience intense bass, richly detailed mids and delicate trebles. It boasts a myriad of wired and wireless connections, as well as internet radio and CD player, so your full library can get the SC-C70 treatment.

This spectacular, music-hugging system can channel tunes wirelessly from almost any smart device. With its built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability, you can link up your smart phone or tablet then play tracks from such apps as Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music or YouTube. This is also Apple AirPlay compatible, so your iOS device can connect wirelessly and beam your own music library.


With sleek and compact design, the stunning looks of the SC-C70 will make it the proud centerpiece of your living room. An aluminium top panel with smooth acrylic glass plate covering the top-loading CD compartment gives a refined touch of elegance. The CD is beautifully illuminated when playing to complete the luxurious style.


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